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We are an online community created around a smart and easy to access information hub which is focused on providing proven global and local insights about sustainability


As a result of what we’ve been researching and writing over the last year, Tips & Tricks is a series of suggestions related to a more sustainable lifestyle.

It is about ideas that can be followed or that lead us to reflect on new habits that we can develop in a simple way.

In order to organise our thoughts, we have divided this document into the same categories used on our website.

  • Culture, Work and Workplace
  • Digitisation
  • Energy
  • Fashion
  • Financial Institutions
  • Food and Beverage
  • Holidays and Trips
  • Mobility
  • Purchasing and Recycling
  • Waste Management and Reduction
  • Climate Change

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  • From Komoneed articles. Our own articles which always show the sources we used to gather the information shared
  • From Paul Mason book, 101 Ways to Save the Planet Before Bedtime, Bug Club, Pearson
  • From TW:In Community. Mainly from its Stats-Data Channel which is dedicated for stats, graphs and other visual data sets
  • Images come from Pexels and Pixabay
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  1. Dana

    great tips thank you! will share this with my parents, as it’s a good overview

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