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The Komoneed Collective Forces #4

A Package Deal”, will inform about reusable and compostable packaging options and outline the meaning of specific sustainability labels

Our Tips & Tricks

As a result of what we’ve been researching over the last year, Tips & Tricks is a series of suggestions related to a more sustainable...
Collective Force on Sustainability

The Komoneed Collective Forces #3

This month’s Komoneed Collective Forces chapter 3 “Sustainability is everywhere” illustrates often overlooked sustainability areas including pet...
Collective Forces

The Komoneed Collective Forces #2

This chapter: “Things are looking up for the fashion world” revolves around textile waste, upcycling, and innovative clothing-production...
collective force

The Komoneed Collective Forces #1

On a planet with limited resources, letting them go to waste is unsustainable & unethical. We have the collective force to challenge this...