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01 Apr, 2021


The Waste Management Need

Plastic is widespread around the world and is one of the biggest problems in our environment. The possibilities are endless, but they have proven unsuccessful. Synthetic materials were produced in very large quantities in the early 1950s. Since then, mankind has not found the right solution to avoid the plastic.

What should we do? Can a household make a difference?

I don’t think so, but if we all awakened consciousness, we could find the solution to such problems as well. So far, only about nine percent of discarded plastic is recycled.

Plastic problem worldwide

More than ten million tons of litter enter the oceans annually, causing the death of many marine animals. Many of animals think that plastic and other dangerous substances are food. It costs them their lives. We also have an example where a seal was on the net, but it was found by chance and rescued by humans.

Another source of plastic particles is sewage that comes from a household or a large company. When people turn on washing machines with laundry made of synthetic material, the garbage goes right in the water. Another source, unknown to most people, is tiny plastic particles that are intentionally added to cosmetic products.

How quickly does plastic degrade in the environment?

The plastics do not decompose or decompose only slowly or are poorly broken down. If the plastic items end up in the environment or water bodies as wild garbage, then the decay can last for more than 50 years. We have many labels that show us how to properly dispose of garbage.

  • Expression “100% recyclable”: If this bag is disposed of correctly, namely via the yellow or recyclable waste bin, the plastic can be melted down and transformed into new products.
    • However, if the bag is thrown into the environment, it decomposes into microplastic particles.
    • If you throw it in the trash can, it will be incinerated; even plastics that end up in the yellow bin are often incinerated because they are heavily soiled by other rubbish and the recycling of plastics is often more expensive than making new products from petroleum.
  • Expression “groundwater neutral”: The bag does not emit any harmful chemicals if it is in the environment. But it also hardly degrades. This is not an argument that a bag is environmentally friendly.
  • Expression “degradable”: the inspection is only done optically, i.e. if nothing more of the plastic can be seen, it is considered degraded. Nevertheless, it can still be present as small plastic particles that can no longer be seen with the naked eye.

Solutions for plastic and waste

There are also the countries that “win” in this fight against pollution. We have an example in Austria where people in Vienna use garbage for heating and avoid environmental pollution. Another good example is Ljubljana, where people use waste to produce energy.

This is one of the most modern power generation models that can take almost 170,000 tons of garbage and use it for power generation.

European Union is considering introducing the plastic tax from 2021, which should lead to a reduction in plastic waste. Each country should pay at least 800 euros for every ton that is not recycled.

These small steps should bring success in the future and publicly improve our environment.


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  1. Margitta Kurth

    Das ist absoluter Quatsch! Plastik hat so viele praktische Anwendungen und ist oft die kostengünstigste Option. Anstatt es komplett zu ersetzen, sollten wir uns auf Recycling und effiziente Entsorgung konzentrieren. Genug von dieser übertriebenen Nachhaltigkeits-Hysterie!

  2. Ariel Murphy

    I cant believe people still dont understand the urgency of the plastic problem worldwide! Its time to take action and find sustainable solutions ASAP.

  3. Chanel

    I cant believe people still think plastic is not a big deal! Wake up, folks!

    • Miller Terrell

      Oh please, spare us the melodrama. Plastic is a concern, sure, but acting like its the apocalypse wont solve anything. Educate yourself on the topic, understand the complexities, and then we can talk. Until then, stop with the overblown statements.

  4. Milo Greer

    I cant believe people still think recycling is the ultimate solution to the plastic problem. Its time for a radical change!

    • Franco

      Seriously? Recycling may not be the ultimate solution, but its a damn good start. Whats your radical change? Sitting on your butt, doing nothing? Step up or shut up.

  5. Treasure Carson

    Oh please, spare us the melodrama. Plastic degradation may be fast, but finding viable solutions takes time and effort. Lets focus on practical steps instead of pointless comparisons.

  6. Maya Cantu

    Plastic, oh plastic! Can we really solve this mess or are we just fooling ourselves?

    • Ezequiel Herrera

      Oh please, stop being so negative! Of course we can solve the plastic mess. Its about time we take responsibility and make real changes. So instead of just whining, lets start taking action and find innovative solutions.

  7. Jayce

    Plastic problem worldwide? Can we just live on Mars and leave this mess behind?

    • Hope Moran

      Oh sure, lets just abandon our responsibility and run away to Mars. Because escaping our problems has always been the best solution, right? How about we face the plastic problem head-on and find sustainable solutions here on Earth instead of taking the easy way out?

  8. Jasmine

    Hey guys, after reading this article on plastic and waste, I cant help but wonder – why arent we using more biodegradable materials?

    • Cillian Evans

      Hey there, I totally get where youre coming from. Its frustrating how slow we are to adopt biodegradable materials. But lets not forget, its not just about using them – its also about ensuring their production and disposal processes are sustainable. Its a complex issue, but definitely worth pushing for change.

  9. Millie

    Plastic and waste, huh? Can we just invent a magic spell to make it disappear? 🧙‍♂️✨

    • Elena

      Oh sure, because solving the global plastic and waste crisis is as simple as waving a wand and reciting a catchy spell. Maybe instead of waiting for magic, we should focus on real solutions like reducing our consumption, recycling properly, and supporting sustainable alternatives.

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