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Climate Change by Christopher Spall

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13 Nov, 2023


How We Fight Climate Change with Re-signing and Clear Sustainability Positioning

This essay is a reprint of a speech by Christopher Spall from Medinge Group think tank’s panel discussion on “Conscientious Innovation” at Oslo Innovation Week on September 28, 2023.

Other panelists included Mark Irvine, Barbara Santoro, Sandra Horlings, and Peter Fischer Brown.

“We have not failed yet”. Christopher Spall

We Should “Re-sign” More

We have not failed yet. For me, there is too much resignation in the whole climate change discussion. However, the word resignation is derived from the Latin word “resignare” and means not only to give up, but also to make a new contract with oneself. Maybe we do need a re-signing. A new contract between us and planet Earth. The old contract was a rental contract. We used the earth as tenants but took no responsibility for any damage. The new contract should be an owner contract. So that we no longer use earth but take care of it like our dearest possession.

This contract is not a contract of single generations. It’s not a contract that only boomers have to make. Each and every one of us needs an individual re-signing. I don’t think the generations should pass the buck to each other. But that’s exactly what we’re doing right now. In my home country, Germany, the group of radical activists is called “Last Generation.” Young against old, old against young. Generation Z vs. baby boomers. But only together can we solve complex problems.

Oslo Innovation Week

Everyone should ask themselves what their individual greatest lever is to slow down climate change. And start right there.

How can we change?

Maybe we can’t change all our habits at once: the way we eat, work, travel and live. What if each of us focused on one issue that we wanted to tackle with relish. And concentrate all efforts on this focus topic. Individuals as well as organizations. Each company must define its contribution to a sustainable economy and anchor it in its corporate identity. That’s what I’m working on as an organizational identity developer. That is my focus. But my focus is not your focus.

By the way, we humans have always changed only when we are on the edge. That is our nature. With all our faults. With all our hope. To inspire others to change their lives, we need to do something instead of protesting.

My conclusion: we need even more hope than resignation.

The Big Debate on Oslo Innovation Week by Medinge Group

Chaired by Peter Fischer Brown.

This house is on fire, and there’s no fire brigade!

Is it too late to prevent catastrophic climate change? Or is there still a chance if we act with urgency? Who should be responsible for leading efforts to change? Is it governments and regulators, business leaders and business owners or is it down to citizens and consumers to act and drive conscientious innovation? These were the themes discussed by:




  • Christopher Spall by Steffen Eirich
  • Oslo Innovation Week 2023 by Gorm K. Gaare
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  1. Esther

    Re-signing and clear sustainability positioning sounds great! Lets take action and save the planet together! 🌍💪

  2. Kolton Esquivel

    Hey guys, just read this article on fighting climate change. Its all about re-signing and clear sustainability positioning. What do you think? Is this the ultimate solution? 🌍🤔

  3. Harrison

    Comment: I totally agree! Lets start by planting a tree every time we binge-watch Netflix. 🌳📺 #ClimateChangeSolutions

  4. Hayes

    Comment: Hey, I totally get it! We all need to play our part in fighting climate change. But seriously, who knew re-signing could be the secret weapon? Count me in! #ClimateWarriors

  5. Kai Logan

    Hey guys, I think its time we stop talking and start doing! Lets find our own ways to fight climate change and make a difference, no matter how small. 💪

  6. Ezra

    I think we need to focus on practical solutions, not just empty promises. Actions speak louder than words.

  7. Emery

    I totally agree! We need to take action now and find our own ways to fight climate change. Lets do it! 🌍✊

  8. Mathias Hopkins

    Comment: I totally agree with the article! We all need to find our own way to fight climate change and take action now. #ClimateWarriorsUnite

    • Julianna

      I appreciate your enthusiasm, but hashtags and online activism wont solve the climate crisis. We need real, tangible actions from policymakers, industries, and individuals. Lets focus on practical solutions instead of just rallying cries. #ActionNotJustWords

  9. Cole Little


    Honestly, I think the greatest lever to slow down climate change is by embracing our inner Captain Planet.

  10. Kelsey

    Re-signing more is a great start, but lets also focus on renewable energy sources!

    • Briggs Skinner

      I totally agree! We need to prioritize renewable energy sources to tackle climate change effectively. Its time to invest in clean and sustainable solutions for a greener future. Lets make the necessary changes and create a better world for generations to come!

  11. Kinley Washington

    I totally agree! We need to take action now, no more excuses. Lets save the planet together! 🌍💚

  12. Randy

    I totally agree! We need to take action NOW and find our own ways to fight climate change. Lets do it! 💪🌍

    • Nevaeh Dennis

      Absolutely! Its time for us to step up and make a real difference. We cant rely on others to solve the problem for us. Lets come together, take responsibility, and make the necessary changes. Our planet deserves it. 💚🌎

  13. Aliza Arroyo

    Hey guys, just read this article on fighting climate change and it got me thinking… what if we all became eco-warriors? 🌍💪 Lets find our own ways to make a difference!

  14. Adrianna Cox


    I think the key is for everyone to take small steps towards sustainability. Cant rely on others to fix it all. #ClimateAction

  15. Blake

    Comment: I think we should all become tree-hugging superheroes to fight climate change! 🌳🦸‍♀️

  16. Khaza Howe

    I totally agree! We need to take action now and find our own ways to combat climate change.

    • Luke Spence

      Are you serious? Find our own ways? Its time to stop relying on individual actions and demand systemic change. We need governments and corporations to step up and take responsibility for their role in climate change. Our future is at stake, and we cant afford to waste time on ineffective solutions.

  17. Duncan

    Comment: Hey guys, just read this article on fighting climate change and it got me thinking. Whats your greatest lever to slow it down? Lets brainstorm! 🌍💡

  18. Madilyn Schneider

    Re-signing is great, but we also need concrete actions to fight climate change. Whats your plan?

  19. Lana

    Re-signing is great, but lets not forget to take tangible actions to fight climate change!

    • Sophia Barnes

      Couldnt agree more! Its time we stop talking and start walking. Signing agreements is just the first step. Lets roll up our sleeves and actually DO something to save our planet. Times running out!

  20. Amira Powers

    I totally agree! We should all take responsibility and find our own ways to fight climate change.

  21. Penelope Pineda

    Re-signing is a great start, but lets not forget the power of collective action!

    • Justice Humphrey

      Who needs collective action when we can rely on individual efforts? Re-signing is just a drop in the ocean, my friend. Lets focus on what we can do ourselves, instead of hoping others will do it for us.

  22. Luciana

    Re-signing is just a fancy term. We need concrete actions to fight climate change!

    • Jonah West

      I couldnt agree more! Its time for politicians to stop with the empty promises and start taking real steps towards saving our planet. We need action, not just pretty words on a piece of paper. Lets hold them accountable for their inaction!

  23. Rosie

    Re-signing and clear sustainability positioning is just a fancy way of saying lets talk more and do less.

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