Better Brand Edit: 12 Little Black Dresses from Top-Rated Brands You’ll Love

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01 Apr, 2024

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Love the timeless, classic beauty of a little black dress, but want nothing to do with those fast fashion versions that fall apart after one or two wears? You’re in the right place.

More sustainable little black dresses you’ll love

True sustainable fashion rejects fleeting trends in favour of timeless styles—and what could be more enduring than the LBD (little black dress)?

The little black dress has been a wardrobe staple ever since Coco Chanel first showed a range of plain black dresses in 1926, and later, the Givenchy gown that Audrey Hepburn wore in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which is often referenced as the epitome of the little black dress.

The quintessential black dress has a simple yet elegant silhouette, often knee-length or shorter, and can work for a variety of occasions depending on how you accessorise it. It’s a key item in capsule wardrobes for exactly this reason.

For parties, dinners and everything in between, a little black dress will look great with statement jewellery—or pearls, as Hepburn did, plus a clutch bag, and heels. Or you could opt for a denim jacket and trainers with the same dress for a more casual situation.

So, in celebration of the style that never gets old, here are some of our editors’ favourite little black dresses from “Good” and “Great” rated brands.

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1. Josephine Tiered Dress (LOVETRUST)

2. Liminal Dress (Recreate)

3. Organic Cotton Dress with Built-in Bra (SANTICLER)

4. Structured Shirt Dress (Organique)

5. Pagisenja Little Black Dress (SukkhaCitta)

6. Cotton Sleeveless A-Line Dress (SeamsFriendly)

7. Dora Dress (Katla)

8. Lacy Crepe Wrap Mini Dress (ABLE)

9. Riviera Mini Dress (OMNES)

10. Wrap Dress (Dedicated)

11. Windermere Short Sleeve Dress (Toad&Co)

12. Strapless Mini Dress (Afends)

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