Christmas Wishlists 2023 | The Coolest Eco-Conscious Gifts For Her And Him

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As the festive spirit twinkles in the air, Luxiders presents a curated selection of the coolest eco-conscious gifts for her and him, the first of the most conscientious Christmas wishlists this 2023. Embrace the joy of giving while staying true to your eco sensibilities. From luxurious organic fabrics to ethically crafted accessories, this holiday season, we invite you to indulge in the art of mindful gifting. Join us on a journey through elegance and eco-consciousness.

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WHY TO BUY: WOTE strives to harmonise sustainably and fairly produced clothing with design, quality and timelessness – all of which are combined in this timeless, short cardigan made from 100% sustainable cotton. The material is characterised by its super cosy feel and is also kind to the environment. The cotton comes from Italian manufacturer Stambecco SRL and has been carefully selected to fulfil the highest standards of environmental, social and ethical responsibility. The ribbed structure gives the cardigan a pleasant texture and durability.

WHAT WE LOVE: WOTE specifically uses organic cotton as the main material for its knitwear, as it is not only particularly easy to care for, but also guarantees an exceptionally long lifespan for timeless essentials.

This knitted cardigan is a stylish must-have because it can be worn for any occasion. Whether cosy at home, elegant with a top, a striped shirt or as an upgrade for a business look. The minimalist design and “en vogue” cream colour offer versatile combination options. The elegant ribbed texture and slight box cut not only create a casual silhouette, but also add a subtle, sophisticated touch. The pretty stone nut buttons are a particular eye-catcher, adding a unique and natural accent.

Price: 180 € | $200 USD
Buy it Now: WOTE
Discover More: @the.wote




Why to buy: Silk is proven to offer anti-ageing properties due to its natural smooth surface which glides against your skin and absorbs very little moisture from your skin, unlike cotton. This is the mission of Sleep In Beauty, SIB, a British brand independently female-owned. SIB silk produces the highest quality, ultra-luxurious, eco-conscious silk pillowcases, scrunchies and eye masks for beautiful bouncy hair, skin and overall amazing quality of sleep.

Sleep In Beauty silk products are cut from the same cloth, offering the highest quality silk in the market. Their silk is sustainable and offers a small carbon footprint in comparison to synthetic materials. It also degrades naturally over time unlike satin materials and other synthetic fibers which will accumulate in landfills for years to come! 

What we love: Sleep In Beauty’s core values are based on the ethos of good quality sleep, healthy skin and beautiful hair simply by implementing one small change to your bedtime routine. The brand was created by biochemist Nassima Mokri in 2019. Her keen interest for health and beauty created the brands values and mission.

In 2010 a holiday to Australia opened Nassima’s eyes to a beauty secret which needed to be shared across the world. Silk pillowcases are a huge deal in the beauty world over there, it is rare to find anyone who sleeps on cotton! After swapping her own pillowcase for a silk pillowcase, the results were an game changer. Her skin was instantly smoother, brighter and really helped to reduce acne instantly.

Price:  80 € | 90 USD for silk pillowcase
Shop it now: SLEEP IN BEAUTY
Discover More: @sleepinbeautysilk




WHY TO BUY: HELENA HARFST creates carefree clothing made from natural materials with designs that are beautiful, timeless and indestructible. The brand wants to strengthen the crafts in the region and tell their story of local folklore. Transparency is important to Helena Harfst. They are happy to answer all questions about suppliers, production and the collection. Unique, honest and organic, Helena Harfst is a must in your wardrobe.

Until the 7th December, Helena Harfst is offering this treasure as Giveaway on her instagram account. Also they are offering 15% discount in first purchases on some garments. Follow them! You will love them!

WHAT WE LOVE: The Hessen smock is an important part of the Hessian costume and was worn by both men and women. In HELENA HARFST interpretation, they gave the simple “peasant shirt” a more feminine silhouette and dipped it in summery pink. Nostalgic and yet modern. And in our opinion: extremely versatile. Try it out yourself!

It is made of 100% organic cotton from European production and processed in their studio in Hesse. Every Hessian smock is handmade and there is Hessian passion in it.

Price: 299 €
Shop it now: HELENA HARFST
Discover More: @helenaharfst




WHY TO BUY: Lovingly handcrafted in a Berlin goldsmith’s workshop, THE GOOD BLING produces jewellery of maximum quality with minimal impact on our existence and our planet. They want to change the jewellery industry for the long term. To do so, it is important to be transparent and educate customers.

Their absolutely flawless, conflict-free laboratory diamonds are produced with renewable energy. In addition, they use CO2-neutral and fairly mined gold from the German refinery C. Hafner.
All jewellery is packaged plastic-free and shipped climate-neutrally.

WHAT WE LOVE: Say Cheeeese! Whether as a necklace or bracelet, for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, this smiley will bring a smile to everyone’s face and simply makes them happy. The smiley has two sparkling laboratory diamonds as eyes and hangs on a delicately shiny chain made from 18-carat recycled gold. It is individually adjustable in three lengths, so you can wear it in the trendy choker style or casually a little longer.

From the first of December 23, every time you buy one of our smiling pieces of their jewellery, The Good Bling will donate 3% to the Earthbeat Foundation, an organization that promotes sustainable gold mining and provides a new livelihood for miners.

Price: Starts at 300€ | Necklace  590€
Shop it now: THE GOOD BLING
Discover More: @thegoodbling_official




WHY TO BUY: MUD Jeans are made from natural materials; organic and recycled cotton. No pesticides are being used, what is better for your skin. Every pair of MUD Jeans is recycled into a new MUD Jeans, leaving no waste and using 92% less water than an average jeans.

The best? You can lease your jeans for a small monthly fee, then – after a year – you can either return them, swap for a fresh pair, or keep them – it’s your choice.

WHAT WE LOVE: Inspired by the 90s, the Loose Jamie is our Baggy fit. Sitting on the hips with loose long legs, it will make you have the high fashion silhouette you always dreamed with. It is made with 40% post-consumer recycled cotton and 60% organic cotton. Buying these jeans you are saving 72% water and 41% CO2 comparing to conventional jeans. This is measured from Cradle to Gate.

Price: Buying: 129,95 € / Leasing 10,80 € x month
Shop it now: MUD JEANS
Discover More: @mudjeans




WHY TO BUY: Do you really know yourself? In a world that is becoming increasingly hectic, it is not a matter of course to think about ourselves extensively. We often only react to the things that determine our everyday lives. There is no true understanding of our actions. We lack the space to take a big step back.

It is precisely this space that “The Big Book of Self-Reflection” creates. It brings you 100 techniques from the world of mindfulness and psychology that invite you to slow down and get back in touch with yourself.

WHAT WE LOVE: We have read it and it works! We loved it! The Big Book of Self-Reflection is the follow-up to the SPIEGEL bestseller “The Big Book of Good Thoughts”. It contains the best reflections from many years of A Good Plan and the most effective exercises from psychotherapeutic practice bundled together in one place. A work and reflection book that pragmatically reveals the path to realisation and clarity in times of uncertainty and chaos. From the bestselling authors Lena Kuhlmann and Jan Lenarz.

Price: 19,90€ in Germany | 20,50€ in Austria
Shop it now: EINE GUTER PLAN
Discover More: @freudmich

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