Holidays and Trips

Become a responsible traveler making your holidays more enjoyable because they do good, support communities and preserve nature

Holidays and Trips
Sustainable Festive Season

A Sustainable Festive Season

What could we do to have a healthier, more sustainable end of the year… Thinking of a sustainable festive season

Green Road Trips

Open fields, sleeping under the stars, not being subject to mass tourism… Imagine yourself being flexible of where, when and for how long you want...

Flight shaming: uncovered!

Greta Thunberg stated: “I don’t fly because of the climate impact of aviation per person”. Ever since, flight shaming has been a current...

Vacations Doing Good!

As summer holidays are approaching, have you considered spending these vacations doing something enriching for other people?

Sustainable Travel

Living a sustainable lifestyle is a consistent mind-set, even when we’re on the move out in the world.